Nature Sketchbook Series: Fall at the Arboretum with Pam Luer(125-09-08-18-01)

Three Saturdays, 9:00 a.m. - noon, September 8, 15 & 22

No experience necessary

What better way to learn to draw the Arboretum surroundings than under the guidance of a professional artist who specializes in natural-based designs? In this class you will spend the beginning of each class on a walk with a certified master naturalist or Master Gardener who will help sharpen your observational skills as you explore the flora and fauna of the Arboretum. At the same time, with Pam's expert guidance, participants will learn to observe and draw in new ways while expanding their understanding of the natural world. You will learn how to closely observe nature which will not only help you grow as an artist but expand your experiences in nature as well. This three-session workshop is for anyone who wants to add an element of art while “on the go” – in your backyard, park, or on your next vacation. In the spirit of John James Audubon, the sketchbook has long been favored as a visual journal by natural artists for its portability, flexibility and the freedom to experiment. All you need is a love of nature, an inquisitive eye, and a few carefully selected drawing tools. Put skills to use right away and enjoy the rewards of documenting the everyday beauty that is all around. Either bring your own supplies (see attached supply list) or purchase the $60 kit with this order which will be waiting for you on your first day of class.

Limit 12, Marion Andrus Learning Center - Garden Lab

$79 member/$109 non-member, includes Arboretum admission



Bring your own, or purchase a complete supply kit for $60

  • Sketchbook 9 x 12 or smaller, please be sure the paper has at least 25% cotton. Some of my favorites include: Nature Sketchbook by Pentalic and Strathmore 400 series Stillman & Birn Dela series. If you have a variety of watercolor papers, bring them along to experiment with.

  • Collection of various drawing pencils. 6B-4H

  • Derwent watercolor pencils, (small collection)

  • Pentel Art Aquash water brush: you can find these on line, at Michaels and Blicks. They usually come in a set of three. Another option is to bring a couple brushes and a small water container.

  • Various drawing markers- I prefer a variety of markers that are water soluble and permanent.

  • Backpack or bag for all your materials. Keep it portable and easy- you’ll be moving about with your gear!

  • If you are a watercolor artist, feel free to bring a tiny palette

Nature Sketchbook Series: Fall at the Arboretum with Pam Luer(125-09-08-18-01)

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