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Family Fun: Create & Photograph Frozen Ice Bubbles

Saturday, February 8, 2020
8-10 a.m.

Mike Shaw, photographer, author and workshop leader

Register as a Family Team
Age 10+ together with an adult
1 adult per 1 child or 2 children
(Additional adults or more than 2 children should register separately)

Ice bubbles have the greatest chance of success during a brisk winter morning, so set your alarms--we’ve arranged special “early access” to the Arboretum for this class! Join us for a special morning of coffee, cocoa and doughnuts during this fun, family-friendly indoor/outdoor class to learn how to create and photograph frozen ice bubbles! Family teams of 1 adult with 1 or 2 kids register together to learn and practice this cool skill!

  • Learn the secret ingredients needed for successful ice bubbles
  • Indoors: practice your soap bubble blowing technique
  • Outside: continue blowing soap bubbles and watch them freeze before your eyes
  • Capture photos and videos of your frozen ice bubbles
  • Fingers crossed for temperatures below 5° F! (See weather plan below)

Bring from Home

  • Camera, smart phone, or device with camera for each participant
  • Proper clothing, winter hat & gloves, good footwear
  • Hand warmers strongly recommended
  • A ceramic coffee mug makes an excellent ice bubble base – bring your own, if you wish!
  • (optional) Camera with manual focus and manual exposure capability
  • (optional) Lenses with focal lengths between 50 – 100 mm
  • (optional) A sturdy tripod

Weather Plan
Class will be held except in dangerous weather conditions. In case of warm, windy or other inclement weather conditions, the instructor will engage the class in hands-on activities to develop your frozen ice bubble skills so that you will be prepared when the weather conditions are more suitable.

Limit 20 Family Teams, Tashjian Bee and Pollinator Discovery Center - McVay Learning Lab

$46 member/$61 non-member,for 1 Adult + 1 Kid, includes Arboretum admission and all bubble-making supplies
$59 member/$74 non-member,for 1 Adult + 2 Kids, includes Arboretum admission and all bubble-making supplies


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