Arboretum Expedition for Adventure! Day Camp(ages 7-11) July 22-25(980-07-22-19-02)

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Arboretum Expedition for Adventure! Day Camp (ages 7-11)

Monday - Thursday, July 22-25, 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. (980-07-22-19-02)

An outdoor adventure awaits! Paddle, cycle, swim, or hike to a new destination each day within the Arboretum and beyond, while discovering scientific concepts and connections to the natural world.

  • Learn paddling basics by venturing to Lake Minnewashta Regional Park for canoeing and exploration of its many diverse ecosystems
  • Create solar ovens and learn survival skills with additional games and activities that encourage teamwork, safety, and a sense of accomplishment
  • Have a blast biking together to the life-guarded Lake Minnewashta Beach for swimming and a watershed study

Requirements for participation: All campers must be able to bike 6 miles on two wheels to be eligible, and must be able to swim. Campers will need to bring a properly functioning bike and helmet on one of the days (registrants will be contacted prior to camp with the date of “bring your bike and helmet” day)

Limit 16, Learning Center Picnic Shelters

$120 members/$138 non-members, includes Arboretum admission, snacks and project supplies

Link to Participant Agreement and Complete Waiver and Release Form

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