Shinrin-yoku at the Arboretum (125-09-14-17)
Thursday, September 14  Full session (2.5 hours) 1:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Age 16 and older, Limit 12 people
Tom Bezek, trained Nature Therapy guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy.

Enjoy the tranquility and well-being of Shinrin-yoku, a Japanese mindfulness practice that invites nature to be your healer. Through guided awareness exercises, you will awaken all your senses and calm your mind. Shinrin-yoku (translation: 'Forest Bathing') fosters a deep connection with nature that will nourish you -- mind, body and spirit. According to Garden Media Group, one of the top trend-spotting agencies, a forest therapy guide was featured in the Washington Post saying "think about where yoga was 30 years ago and where it is today...forest therapy is making the same journey toward cultural definition in a way that will mainstream the practice."

Please watch this 2-minute video prior to registering in order to gain a better understanding of what to expect from a session of shinrin-yoku at the Arboretum.


  • Sessions of Shinrin-yoku at the Arboretum will not necessarily take place in a forest--this meditative practice can take place anywhere in nature. Arboretum location will be chosen at instructor's discretion 
  • The Arboretum is a public place; solitude from other visitors is not expected nor guaranteed. 
  • Shinrin-yoku walks celebrate all aspects of nature and will run rain or shine unless the conditions are deemed too dangerous by the Arboretum. 
  • Please dress appropriately for the weather. 
  • Be prepared for possible sun burn, insect bites, or allergy conditions. Where appropriate please bring necessary repellents, protection, and medications.

Meet at Ordway Picnic Shelter

Shinrin-yoku at the Arboretum - Thursday, September 14 at 1 pm (125-09-14-17)

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