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Nectar of the Gods: Making Mead (200-09-13-14)
Saturday, September 13, 2014, 10 a.m. – Noon

LEARN & TASTE OPTION: ($39 Arb member/$52 non-member)
This nectar of the gods we know as mead holds an honored place in history, literature, art, and... your table. Learn how the simple ingredients of honey, water, and yeast are used to create mead. Watch mead makers go through the steps of making mead and hear about the difference the type of honey, water, and time make in the final result. Explore your options of ingredients, equipment, and process that goes into the craft. Then taste and compare a number of meads.

 LEARN, TASTE & MAKE OPTION: ($79 Arb member/$99 non-member)
All of the above in the Learn & Taste option...PLUS For those ready to join in the mead-making trend, you will make the beginnings of you first batch and head home armed with the materials and knowledge to bottle your mead and finish it at home. Learn & Make supplies provided by Midwest Supplies. Book available for sale and signing.
Learning Center

Meads that will be used during class:
· Commercial - Winehaven (Chisago Lakes Area) Stinger Mead
· Commercial - Cannon Falls Winery Honey Wine
· Commercial - White Winter My Fair Lady
· Steve Piatz - Black Mangrove Blossom
· Steve Piatz - Orange Blossom Photo Shoot Mead
· Blending Experiment
o Steve Piatz - Tupelo Blossom Dry Hydromel
o Steve Piatz - Tupelo Blossom Very Sweet
· Commercial - Bent Brewstillery (Roseville) Brewer's Delite #1 Cyser - unfiltered
· Steve Piatz - Mesquite Blossom Hydromel aged in a used whiskey barrel
· Steve Piatz - Gewürztraminer Pyment
· Paul Dienhart - Sage and Lemon Verbena Metheglin
· Steve Piatz - Sangiovese Pyment
· Steve Piatz - Red & Black Currants, Blueberries, Mulberries, Wildflower honey
· Steve Piatz - Black Currant Mead
· Commercial - White Winter Black Harbor
o Fortified Black Currant Mead ala port

Nectar of the Gods: Making Honey Mead (200-09-13-14)

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