Full Moon at the Red Barn (750-11-04-17)
Saturday, November 4, 4 p.m. – 8 p.m.

John Pennoyer, acclaimed nature photographer and popular instructor; view John’s work at

Level: Intermediate
The Red Barn is one of the most photographed structures at the Arboretum, but have you had the exclusive opportunity to capture it in the light of a full moon, after the Arboretum gates have closed to the public? Join John and other photography enthusiasts for a fun night session on photographing the full moon. You will begin with a light dinner (assortment of seasonal salads, cheese platter, bread and infused water) and guidance from John on techniques for night photography, composition tips for full moon photography, and how to use technology to determine moon and sun rise and set times relative to specific locations. Then take a short drive to the shrub collection and put your new knowledge to the test, photographing the Red Barn and full moon from an ideal vantage point. In case of clouds the class will still be held; John will switch gears and still cover the same content but also some other night photography fun such as: light painting, LED art, and remote flash.
REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: DSLR or higher end point-and-shoot camera
SUGGESTED EQUIPMENT: Lenses (24mm to 200mm for moon/night landscapes, 300mm or more to shoot only the moon), sturdy tripod, cable release, small flashlight or headlamp
Tashjian Bee and Pollinator Discovery Center, includes Arboretum admission and dinner
Full Moon at the Red Barn (750-11-04-17)

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